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Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals is one of the Leading manufacturers of Drilling viscosifiers for the Oil and Gas Industry for oil Well Drilling and Horizontal Drilling an geothermal applications . 

Viscosifiers used for drilling are essential Drilling fluid additives and chemicals added to the water base mud or the Oil base Mud or synthetic base Mud systems to Increase the cutting carrying capacity of the Drilling fluid, to maintain the correct pressure and reduce the Fluid loss. Drilling Viscosifersalso improve the lubricity of the fluid and improved Suspension of solids and borehole stability in high temperature and also in high saline environments.

GDFCL produces a Range of High performance Drilling viscosifiers  such as synthetic Polymer viscosifiers   and Natural Polymers viscosifiers  for  high temperature and High  pressure applications for both fresh water and Salt water applications . Our products are manufactured using different chemistries of varying Molecular weight and Iconicity to enhance the viscosifying capacity, cuttings encapsulation, Reduce fluid loss and to work at elevated temperatures. We also produce a range of viscosifier additives to enhance the properties of the bentonite.

Our manufactured Range of Viscosifiers  for drilling applications are manufactured as per API 13 A specifications and also we manufacture a Range of Specially formulated Visocifiers for High viscosity , high temperature applications and Low cost Polymers . GDFCL also manufactures Vicoscifiers and Rheology Modifiers  for Oil Base Muds and Synthetic Base Mud Systems.

The advantages of viscosifiers for Drilling manufactured by GDFCL  

  • Designed to disperse evenly and develop viscosity rapidly.
  • Readily breakable polymer for non-damaging applications.
  • Viscosity develops without high shear and yields faster 
  • Stable at temperatures up to 200°C (300°F).
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Readily Dispersible in Most Brine Systems
  • Functions as an inhibitor by coating or encapsulating formation & cutting in fresh water , salt water systems 
  • It also restricts the interaction of water Hydratable & dispersible shale’s.
  • Provides High viscosity in the drilling fluid which helps in better removal of cuttings from bore hole.
  • Controls fluid loss and increases viscosity 
  • Resistant to ions and is effective over a wide ph range and high saline systems 
  • Provides excellent thermal stability.
  • Improves quality of filter cake.
  • Unsusceptible to bacterial degradation.

Our range of Viscosifiers for Oilfield and Horizontal Drilling and Geothermal Applications

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GLO PAC LV 1000 Polyanionic Cellulose Low Viscosity
GLO PAC HV 1000 Polyanionic Cellulose High Viscosity
GLO FLP 1000 Fluid Loss Polymer
GLO PAC R 1000 Polyanionic Cellulose Regular
GLO CMC LV 1000 Carboxy Methyle Cellulose Low Viscosity
GLO CMC HV 1000 Carboxy Methly Cellulose High Viscosity
GLO XCD 1000 Xanthum Gum Polymer
GLO HEC Hydroxyl Ethyle Cellulose
GLO STARCH 1000 Drilling Starch
GLO GUM 1000 Guar Gum
GLO CLAY 1000 Attapulgite Clay
GLO DRILL POL LQ 1000 Drilling Polymer Liquid
GLO RESX 1000 Resinated Lignite Polymer
GLO RESX 2000 HT Resinated Lignite High Temperature
GLO RESX 3000 Resinated Lignosulphonate High Temperature
GLO TROLL 1000 Cellulose Polymer
GLO POLY-ACRYL 1000 Polyacrylate Polymer
GLO EXTENDER 1000 Bentonite Extender Liquid
GLO EXTENDER 2000 Bentonite Extender Powder

For more Information about our Range of Viscosifiers and For Product Data Sheets, MSDS and Case Histories please email us at Sales@globaldrilling.in