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GDFCL manufactures the complete range of  Speciallly Modified High Humic Acid  Lignite Thinners, Lignite Dispersants and Lignite Deflocculants for Usage in Water based Mud System, Oil based Mud System and synthetic based mud system.

Lignite Dispersants and Defloculants manufactured by GDFCL  are a specially formulated highly oxidized high humic acid Leonardite which are  chemically modified to function as a clay Defloculant and improve the filter Cake Quality and Provide Fluid Loss . It is partially soluble additive that provides thin low permeability filter cakes accompanied with low fluid loss.

Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited is  the  Single largests  manufacturer of Lignite deflocculants and Dispersant Thinners  globally which are used in Oil and Gas Drilling, Horizontal Directional Drilling and Mining applications.

Our research team at GDFCL continuously strives to develop new Specialised Lignite Based Thinners having various advantages–

  • Improves thinning and filtration control 
  • Reduces viscosity and gel strengths 
  • Controls rheology, reduces fluid loss, emulsifies oil 
  • Maintains constant pH
  • Reduces HTHP  fluid loss
  • Improves filter cake by reducing its permeability
  • Functions effectively in a wide range of muds even in the presence of contaminants.
  • Can Be used at High temperatures (400 Degree F or 205 Degree C )

GDFCL range of high performance Lignite Dispersants include Finely Ground Oxidized Leonardite, Cauticized lignite,chrome lignite, potassium lignite , Causticized Potassium Lignite  for water Base Mud Systems and a range of High performance Organophilic Lignite for Oil Base Mud Systems  and Polymerized Lignites  which can be customized and manufactured according to various customer needs such as varying temperature, oil well requirements and specifications.

Our Lignite  deflocculants of different chemistry for High Solubility and Enhanced Fluid Loss and to Function in High Salinity Enviornments  and are environmentally friendly and Non Toxic and Function in the presence of Contaminants, in high temperature applications and in a wide range of pH. 

GDFCL range of Drilling Lignite Dispersants are manufactured at our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility in Gujarat, where we are equipped with state of theart R&D lab, personnel and research team that continuously strive to improve our full range of lignite Deflocculants.

Our range of Products Includes:

GLO OXY-LIG 1000 Oxidixed High Humic acid Lignite Powder
GLO CLZ 1000 Causticized Lignite
GLO CLZ 3000 High Water Solubility Causticized Lignite
GLO CLZ 5000 High Thinnining effeciency Causticized Lignite
GLO K-CZL 1000 Causticized Potassium Lignite
GLO CR LIG 1000 Chrome Lignite
GLO TANNA LIG 1000 Tannin Based Drilling Mud Thinner 


Drilling Lignite powder may be used for rheology and filtration controls in water base mud’s and for helping maintain a constant pH. It is especially effective at stabilizing the property of mud’s exposed to high temperatures and contaminations. It is used in the reduction of API and HTHP Filtration in Water based Drilling fluids

DRILLING LIGNITE is especially effective in high temperature applications and in dispersed systems as a synergistic additive with lignosulfonates. It can be used in any water base fluid.

Physical Properties:

Apperance Blackish brown powder
Bulk Density 750-950 Kg/m3
Moisture Content (% by weight) <15%
PH of 2% (2% w/v in d/w 4-6
Particle size 90% through BSS-40
Temp Stability >400o F


The Range of GLO LIG Products manufactured by GDFCL are supplied in 25 Kg sacks /50 LBs Sacks or 1.0 MT Jumbo Bags 

Safety and Handling:

Drilling Lignite powder by Global Drilling Fluids and Chemical Limited must be handled as an Industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as mentioned in the MSDS

International Equivalents of our GLO LIG 1000

GLO CR-LIG  XP-20        
GLO CLZ 1000         NEWLIG

Please write to us for Drilling Lignite MSDS and PDS

For Further Information on Our Lignite Thinners Dispersants and Defloculants  and Information on Performance and Case Studies , Product Date Sheets and MSDS  Please contact us at sales@globaldrilling.in