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Lost Circulation Material

Loss Circulation Material for Drilling is used to control the Drilling Fluid Loss into the Fractures of the Drilling Zone

Global Drilling fluids and chemicals limited since inception has been the leaders in Loss Circulation materials for the Oil Field Drilling Applications. We manufacture a wide Range of Loss Circulations Materials  and Loss Prevention Materials , seepage Control additives and Bridging agents.

Loss Circulation is the uncontrolled flow of the mud and the Drilling fluids and additives into the formation which can be partial Loss or total loss Circulation and is caused due to Formations being inherently Fractured or having High permeability or induced Fractures due to improper Drilling.

Lost Circulation has been one of the most costly and Damaging issues facing the Industry .GDFCL has a focused Work ground and developed a range of Propriety Materials and Environmentally friendly Loss Circulation materials to Prevent Fluid Loss  and Control Seepage Losses. Emphasis is placed on those properties that Play an Important role in loss Circulation such as Density and Rheological Properties (yield Point, Plastic Viscosity, Gel Strength)

We manufacture a complete Range of LCM Materials From Using Fiber technology to Polymers. Our range of Products are specially manufactured and formulated to meet and exceed Customer expectations.

Our Product Types of Loss Circulation materials Include 

  • Organic and Synthetic Fibers, based loss Circulation materials 
  • Fibrous, Flaked and Granular or a combination of Fibrous, Flaked and Granular Materials 
  • Non Damaging Acid Soluble Loss Circulation Materials 
  • Polymer Based Loss circulation Additives 
  • Additives that Physically seal /Plug the Loss Zones 
  • High Fluid Loss Squeeze Loss Circulation Materials 
  • Swellable / Hydratable Loss circulation Materials 

Our range of Manufactured Product 
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GLO INSTASEAL    Blend of selected Granular, Fibrous and Flaky Materials
GLO INSTASEAL  SUPER            Blend of selected deformable granular, fibrous and flakes materials
GLO SOLUSEAL Acid Soluble Organic bio degradable Enviornmentally friendly fibrous lcm
GLO SOLUSEAL GF Acid Soluble Granular and Fiberous Enviornmentally Friendly LCM 
SOLUSEAL FLAKE Acid Soluble Flaked LCM Material 
SOLUSEAL FIBER AS Acid Soluble Mineral Fiber LCM 
GLO FIBERLOCK  Formulated Natural Fiber LCM 
GLO FIBERLOCK  AS Acid Soluble Mineral Fiber LCM 
Loss Circulation Materials Flake (Flake LCM)
GLO CELLOPHANE Cellophane flakes
GLO MICA  Mica Flakes
GLO FLAKESEAL AS Acid Soluble Flakes
Granular Loss Circulation Material
GLO CARB-SEAL Calcium Carbonate
GLO NUT-SEAL Wallnut Shell
GLO GRAPHTEK  Graphite Powder is designed to bridge and seal permeable formations
Polymer Based Loss Circulation Materials 
SWELLPOLY  Swellable LCM  /Hydratable LCM 
Loss Circulation Material for Oil base Mud 
GLO OBM-SEAL Oil Dispersible Fibrous and Grannular LCM Materials for Oil Base Mud Systems
GLO OBM-SEAL HT Oil Dispersible Fine  LCM Material for Oil Base Mud Systems

For more Information about our Range of Lost Circulation Material and Product Data Sheets please email us at sales@globaldrilling.in