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GLOBAL DRILLING FLUIDS AND CHEMICALS LTD is the leading manufacturer and the preferred supplier of HDD  Drilling  Drilling Fluids and Chemical Additives 

GDFCL provides  a Complete Range of safe, easy to Use environment friendly, high Performance products catering to the Water well and Horizontal Drilling industry. Our HDD Drilling Fluids  find Customers in over 50 Countries across the world. We have a History of Supplies for over 30 Years for Products of the highest Quality Delivered to the most remote destinations on time.

We have specially designed and manufacture products to solve drilling problems and our experts Provide Remote and On Sight Technical Support for the most demanding Drilling Sites. Our high performance stabilizers, Viscosifiers and Seepage control Products ensure maximum drilling efficiency at all times thus reducing time and saving costs and ensuring better tool Life by Controlling and Improving Drilling Fluid Properties. Our Products are manufactured to the most Stringent Quality Standards at our various Fully owned Manufacturing Facilities and perform in the most Adverse and Demanding Conditions in the Oil and Gas industry that is why we are the First Choice Manufacturer and Supplier of  HDD Drilling fluids and Chemicals  to almost all leading Mud service Companies across all 5 Continents.

Drilling Fluid Selection and Formulation is Most Critical and yet often Overlooked Area of Horizontal Drilling . Our Team of Experts works Closely with customers to Understand their specific Needs and Designs Mud and Slurry Formulations , Testing Methods and Procedures to Maintain good Drilling Fluid Properties to Optimize the Process . Our range of Products help in Maintaining Welbore Stability , Cutting removal and reducing Bit balling and torque, Shale Stability and Reduce Clay Swelling 


Given below are some of the Horizontal Directional Drilling  Chemicals (HDD Drilling Fluids ) products manufactured by us for Water based and Oil Base Mud Systems and also for High Temperature Systems.



Drilling Polymer, Powder


Drilling Polymer, Liquid


Drilling Polymer, High Strength


Shale Stabilize Liquid

GDFCL Stands Guarantee of Performance of all Products manufactured at our Manufacturing Facilities.

For more Information about our Range of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) products and Product Data Sheets(PDS), Safety Date Sheets MSDS and Case History  please email us at  sales@globaldrilling.in