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Oil Base Mud Emulsifier

Range of Oil base Mud Primary Emulsifier , Secondary Emulsifier and Wetting agents 

GDFCL manufactures a Range of Emulsifiers and Wetting agents for Usage in Invert Emulsion Systems , Oil Base Mud Systems and synthetic Base Oil Mud Systems or Mineral base Oil Mud Systems and High Temperature Mud Systems

GLO EMUL range of Products whicih are Primary Emulsifiers , Secondary Emulsifiers and Single component Emulsifiers are  Used to create a  highly Emulsified Stable Water-In-Oil Emulsion with the base oil to which other Oil Base Mud Drilling additives Like viscosifier or gelling agents , Fluid Loss Control additives and Weighing materials  can be added 

Our wide Range of Oil base Mud Emulsifiers Include 

  • Primary Emulsifiers for Oil base Mud Systems , Synthetic Base Oil Mud Systems and Diesel Oil Based Mud Systems and High Temperature Primary Emulsifier 
  • Secondary Emulsifiers and wetting agents  for a Complete Range of Base Oils and Oil base Mud System and Secondary Emulsifier for high temperature Oil Base Muds 
  • Single component Emulsifiers wich  functions as a Single Drum Primary Emulsifier , Secondary Emulsifier and Wetting agent 
  • Primary Emulsifier and Secondary Emulsifier  for High temperature applications 
  • Our range of Chemistry for emulsifiers  Includes Fatty acid Oil Emulsifiers , Tall Oil Emulsifiers , Polyamide based Emulsifiers 

Advantage of Using GLO EMUL Emulsifiers manufactured by GDFCL 

  • Highly effective in a wide range to Water-in-Oil ratios and Mud weights 
  • Effective High temperature  High Pressure Fluid Loss Control ( HTHP Fluid Loss )
  • Functions over a wide range of temperature and in the presence of Contaminants 
  • Improves thermal stability of the Mud System 
  • High Emulsifications and Stable Emulsion 
  • Customized to meet the most stringent Customer requirements 
  • After sales Support for Designing Mud Formulations and Systems 
  • Cost effective and Immediate Shipments 

Our range of Oil base Mud Emulsifiers and Wetting Agents

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GLO PEMUL 1000 Primary Emulsifier
GLO PEMUL 2000 High Temperature Primary Emulsifier
GLO SEMUL 1000 Secondary Emulsifier
GLO EMUL  1000  Enhanced Multi-Purpose Single component emulsifier function as a Primary and Secondary emulsifier and Wetting agent
GLO EMUL1000 HT Enhanced Muti-Purpose Single component emulsifier function as a Primary and Secondary emulsifier and Wetting agent for high tempreature application
GLO EMUL 9000 HT            High performance single component emulsifier and wetting agent for HTHP
GLO WET 1000                   Wetting agent for oil base muds
GLO WET 3000                   Premium wetting agent 

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Please write to us at sales@globaldrilling.in for Product data Sheets , SDS Sheets and performance tests and case Histories.