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Global Drilling Fluids and chemicals limited at its manufacturing Facility in Gujarat Developes and Produces  a range of  high Perfromance  Bentonite for Oil Drilling and HDD  applications. Bentonite in its various forms is the most widely used Drilling Fluid in Oil Field Drilling applications used essentially to create viscosity in slurry with water and enhance the properties of the drilling fluids , provides Lubrication and also cools the Drilling tools , the special properties of Bentonite such as swelling and Absorption make ideal for protecting the formation from Invasion by drilling fluids and help in cutting removal.

GDFCL at its state of Art manufacturing and R&D Facilities manufactures a range of High Performance Drilling Bentonites  such as API 13A  Bentonite , High Yeild Bentonite , High Swelling Bentonite and Single Sack bentonite additive for HDD applications  which are specialty formulated to provide Improved Rheological Properties .The grinding systems used by GDFCL ensure maximum Precision and economic efficiency for enhanced Drilling Capabilities 

The Advantages of Using GLO BEN range of Specialized Bentonites manufactured by Global drilling fluids and Chemicals Limited.

  • Specially  formulated to provide High Hydration and viscosities than other types of clays 
  • Provides superior Filtration characteristics
  • Increases viscosity  and reduces Fluids loss in water based Mud Systems 
  • Superior Filter Cake quality in fresh water and Salt water mud systems 
  • Helps to clean the hole cleaning capacities of Drilling fluids 
  • Promotes borehole stability and reduces fluid Loss 

GDFCL manufactures the complete range of Drilling Bentonite as per the API 13A  specifications ( API 13 A  section 9, API  13A section 10 and API 13 A  section 11)  and also we have a special Section of our production and R&D continuously working together to produce Specialized High performance Bentonites  and High yield Bentonite to improve efficiency and Drilling Performance . the range of Specialized bentonites manufactured by Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited include 

  • Enhanced High viscosity Bentonite 
  • Bentonites for Reduced Fluid Loss 
  • Bentonite with Shale Stabilization properties
  • Single sack Bentonites for Oil Well Drilling and  HDD applications 

Please write to us for details about the Specialized Bentonite and bentonite Systems Produced by GDFCL at sales@globaldrilling.in
The range of our manufactured Bentonites Includes 

GLO BEN 1000 Bentonite API 13 A Section 9
GLO BEN 2000 Bentonite API 13 A  Section 11 (OCMA Bentonite)
GLO BEN 3000 Bentonite API 13 A  Section 10 
GLO BEN HY High yield Bentonite 
GLO BEN EHY Extra High yield Bentonite 
GLO BEN FLC Reduced Fluid Loss Bentonite
GLO BEN HV High Viscocity Bentonite
GLO BEN EHV Extra High Viscocity Bentonite
GLO BEN 5000 Single sack Bentonite with Polymer for HDD Drilling

Packaging and Shipment:
Bentonite range of Oil Drilling Bentonite Supplied By GDFCL are Packaged in 1.25 MT Jumbo Sacks , 1.0 MT Jumbo Sacks , 50 Kg Sacks , 25 Kg Sacks in both Multi-Layer Paper Bags and HDPE sacks   and are available Ex Stock at each of our manufacturing facilities and Stock Points and are Shipped  from Mundra Port Gujarat for worldwide Shipping. GDFCL has a History of Supply of Bentonite to over 35 Countries in all 5 continents for over 25 Years. 


For more information on the Range of bentonite for Oil Well Drilling, Horizontal Drilling Bentonite, Bentonite for Geothermal Drilling and for Product data Sheets, MSDS sheets and Case Histories and Usage Please write to us at sales@globaldrilling.in