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ROP Enhancer is a Blend of Specialized Surface Active agents used to keep the bits free of Solids enabling the cutters to have continuous and clear contacts with the formation increasing the ROP. It also helps to reduce the Torque and Bit balling.

GLO DRILL-FAST   is  range of  High performance ROP Enhancers manufactured by Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited assist in removing  any Drill solids below the Bit ,allowing for rapid penetration and Longer tool Life, reduced bit  and BHA balling, Stuck Pipe removal  and excellent wetting and Lubrication.

GLO DRILL-FAST can be used in water base mud Systems, Concentrated Brine Systems and produced water Drilling Systems and can be used at elevated temperature and PH and in the presence of Contaminants and can be added Directly to the Drilling Mud System.

Advantages of using GLO DRILL-FAST ROP Enhancer 

  • Significantly Enhances  the ROP during Drilling and lowers Cost 
  • Reduces Bit balling and BHA Balling
  • Increases the Life of the Bit 
  • Improves Mud Cake Quality and also Lowers Fluid Loss 
  • Reduces Torque and Drag and Stuck Pipe 
  • Reduces Coefficient of Friction and Improves Lubricity
  • Reduced Foaming 
  • High Temperature Stability and tolerance to Contaminants

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Our Range of GLO DRLL-FAST ROP Enhancers 

GLO DRILL-FAST 1000 ROP Enhancer for Water Based Mud System
GLO DRILL-FAST ENV Environmentally Friendly ROP Enhancer
GLO DRILL-FAST 3000 High Performance ROP Enhancer
GLO DRILL-FAST 4000 High performance High Temperature ROP Enhancer 
GLO DRILL-FAST 9000 Powdered High Performance ROP Enhancer 

International equivalents of our GLO DRILL-FAST 1000












Packaging: GLO DRILL-FAST range of ROP Enhancers manufactured by GDFCL are Supplied in 55 Gal (208 Liter) Drums of 1000 Liter Totes.

Please write to us for ROP ENHANCER PDS and MSDS

For Further Information on ROP Enhancer and Information on Performance and Case Studies Please contact us at sales@globaldrilling.in