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Quality and Certifications

Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited has a State of the Art Testing and R&D Facility at its facility in Halol Gujarat . Equipped with the latest and the Most reliable testing Equipments and Staff Ensures that our products are well tested at each stage of the Manufacturing process . Most of Our customers rely on our Facilities to Test their Chemicals, Mud For mulations and performance testing indications.

GDFCL Devotes Almost 5% of its Turnover in Research and Development activities. Our Development teams are active in all of our Product areas and Expanding into New Products. Our Research and Development is carried out keeping in Mind our customers future Needs and Requirements and that minimize Environmental Impact.

Our R&D Groups work Closely with our manufacturing Units and Our customers to Design Products which Out Perform existing Drilling fluids and are cost effective using Localized Raw materials, From product design and Development to Performance testing, From Incoming Inspection to in Process and Final Inspection is done following the most Detailed Quality Plans.

Our Drilling fluids Cover various Areas of Operation Such as Oilfield, Horizontal Drilling, Mining, Water well Drilling and Bore well Drilling, Mineral Drilling and tunneling . Each of our products are designed keeping in Mind the customer’s specific End Use and the required Performance at the Most competitive Prices.

Quality is to Exceed Customer Expectations and what better way to evaluate it than by the customers themselves. Contrary to most companies we encourage our customers to visit us and test their Products in our Laboratories and evaluate their performance.

GDFCL also Offers Oilfield Chemicals Testing Training Programs to our customers to Understand and Evaluate Various Drilling Fluids and Mud chemicals and Utility chemicals. Each of our testing and Research Facilities are ISO Certified and Approved by major Customers for Reliability and accuracy.



GLobal Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited has 6 Manufacturing Facilities in India and Each of them are ISO 9001: 2015 Certified . Our In house testing and R& D Facilities are as per ISO 17025. Our Manufacturing Facilities are ISO 14000 Approved and Certified

  • Approvals by Government Owned State owned Drilling Companies : GDFCL's Manufacturing Facilities have been Auditied and Found Conforming to International Standards by the State Owned Drilling Companes world Wide , Presently our Facilities for Manufacturing , Safety and health and Reseach have been approved by the Drilling companeis of over 12 Countries
  • ISO 9001:2015 : each of our 8 Manufacturing Facilities and Porduction Lines have been auditied and found Conforming and Certified as ISO 9001:2015 for the manufacture and Supply of Drilling Fluids and Mud chemicals and Inhouse Research and Developemnt Capabilities
  • DSIR: Approved testing and R&D Facility approval by Department for Scientific and Industrial research In India
  • NABL: Laboratory Facilities approved by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) Equivalent to ISO /IEC 17025
  • Mud Service Companies: GDFCL is a Approved Vendor to most of hte Worlds Leading Mud Service Companies and Our Manufacutring and Quality Control Systems and HSE records have been audited and approved  
  • Each of the manufacturing Facilites of GDFCL have been approved for compliacne by State Pollution Control Boards and are also ISO 14000 Certified 
  • GDFCL is a Approved Member of NSIC , DSIR , PHD Chamber of Commerce India,CAPIXIL and a recognized manufactuer and Exporter of Drilling Fluids , Mud chemicals and Filtration Equipments by the Government of India through its Various Bodies