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Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited  GDFCL at its ISO Certified manufacturing Facility in Gujarat, India manufactures  a Range of High performance Driilling Fluid Lubricatins for  Extreme Pressure  and High temperature applications , Drilling Mud Lubricants for the Oilfield Industry Popularly  Known as Extreme Pressure Lubricants. These Extreme Pressure Lubricants high performance Lubricants for Torque reductions and Reduce Differential Sticking . We manufacturer a range of  Drilling Mud Lubricants for  Extreme Pressure Lubricant for water base Mud Systems and Oil base Mud Systems . Our range of Products Include Water Soluble  and Water dispersible Mud Lubricants and are Non-Toxic and Enviornmentally friendly , Our Lubricants are designed to perform in High temperature , High Salinity Systems in the presence of Contaminants and can be mixed with the Drilling Fluids and Brines 

We manufacture the same in a wide variety of Grades. Please also see:

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GLO EP 1000 Water Based Mud Lubricants
GLO EP 2000 Easter Based Mud Lubricants
GLO EP 3000 Oil Based Mud Lubricants

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For Further Information on GLO Extreme Pressure Lubricants and Information on Performance and Case Studies Please contact us at sales@globaldrilling.in