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Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited manufacture a Range of Acid Soluble Loss Circulations Materials, Bridging agents and Seepage Control Additives where Non Damaging Acid Soluble LCM is required 
Most Fibers have Low Acid Solubility and which doesn’t help in the needs of Acid Stimulation, Acid Solubility in reservoir Zone of Production Zone is most critical. Acid Solubility of the LCM Materials can enable proper removal so that it doesn’t affect the Well Production. 

For Sealing Loss Zones or fractures a blend of Granular and fibrous Materials are required. GDFCL with its Development manufactures Highly Acid Soluble Loss Circulations Material (Acid Soluble LCM ) Which are Blends of Flakes, Granules and Fibrous Loss Circulation Material 

Our Range of Acid Soluble Loss Circulation materials:

SOLUSEAL Blend of Highly Acid Soluble Biodegradable Organic Fibers (over 70% acid Solubility)
SOLUSEAL GF Blend of High Acid Solubility Fibers and Granular Material (80% acid Solubility)
SOLUSEAL FLAKE Acid Soluble Flakes ( 96% solubility)
SOLUSEAL FIBER AS Acid Soluble Mineral Fibers 

SOLUSEAL products are manufactured in Coarse, Medium, Fine , Ultra fine and MIX grades 

Please write to us for Product Data Sheers, MSDS and Case Studies of Loss Circulations Material 

  • Our Range of SOLUSEAL Loss Circulation materials are Manufactured at our ISO 9001 certified Productions Facility and Sized as per customer  requirements.
  • Minimizes Impact on Fluid Properties.
  • Seals Fractures and Strengthens the Wellbore.
  • Efficient  bridging and Sealing and Loss Circulation Control.

For Our Complete Range of Loss Circulation Materials CLICK HERE or write to us at sales@globaldrilling.in