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Global Drilling Fluids and chemicals Limited  is the leading Manufacturer of a range of Specialty Drilling Mud Defoamer and Anti-Foam additives and Specialty Drilling Foam.

The Drilling  Defoamers and Antifoam Products are used in removing the entrapped Air and Gas from Water based and Oil Based Mud Systems .We also Manufacture Defoamers for Cementing applications .Our products are effective in a Wide Range of PH and at high temperature

GLO DEFOAM products are Defoamers  that can be added to the Mud System to Disintigrate the existing Foam Repidly or can be used as an Antifoam and added Routinely to the system to ensure that there is minimum Foaming .

GLO DEFOAM products are compatible with most water based Mud Systems and in the presence of contaminants and also in high salinity systems and concentrated Brines 

Our GLO DEFOAM Drilling Defoamer and Anti-Foam additives are manufactured using various chemistry we manufacture a Range of Defoamers that are water soluble , Oil Soluble and also Defomaers which work effectively in the presence of Contaminsants and In high saline or calcium and Magnesium Envirornments 

GDFCL Stands Guarantee of Performance of all Products manufactured at our Certified Manufacturing Facilities.

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GLO DEFOAM 1000 Alcohol Based Defoamer : High Performance Water Insoluble Defoamer  
GLO DEFOAM 3000 Oil Based Defoamer : Oil Soluble Defomer and Anti foam 
GLO DEFOAM 4000 Silicon Based Defoamer : Water Soluble Defoamer 
GLO DEFOAM 5000 Glycol Based Defoamer
GLO DEFOAM 6000 Aluminum Stearate Based Defoamer 

Please write to us for Defoamers & Foaming Agents PDS and MSDS and Usage Guidelines 

For more Information about our Range of Drilling Mud Defoamer/Antifoams and Foaming Agents and Product Data Sheets please email us at Sales@globaldrilling.in