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Global Drilling Fluids & Chemicals Limited is the single largest certified manufacturer of Specialty Drilling Fluid Additives , Mud Chemicals , Cementing additives  , Mining chemicals  and Horizontal Drilling Fluids (HDD) based out of India. We are  Drilling Fluids Additive manufacturer for the   Oil and Gas Drilling and Exploration , Mining Industry , Horizontal Drilling Industry . We are the preferred supplier for most Drilling contractors and Service Companies . Our Products are manufactured and Supplied to over 60 Countries in all 5 continents 

Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals (GDFCL) has achieved

Numerous awards from various Government and Independent Trade Organizations as the Leading Manufacturer of Specialty Mud chemicals for our Quality and Management Standards, Health and Safety Procedures and Innovation and R&D.

The Company’s product and Services covers a range of drilling fluids for Oil and Gas Wells, Mud Chemicals, Work over and Completion Fluids, Production Chemicals, Well Stimulation Chemicals and General Utility Chemicals.

Since inception in 1990 the company has successfully developed through our in-house research a complete range of High performance Drilling Fluids and Mud chemicals which today find usage in over 60 Countries spread over 5 continents and in the most demanding Drilling and Mining Regions of the World GDFCL has 6 Fully Owned  Manufacturing facilities Duly ISO certified spread across the country following the most stringent Quality, Safety and environmental Regulations .Ensuring Total Customer Satisfaction at all times>

GDFCL  fully automated manufacturing facility consisting of High Capacity Blenders, Low pressure and High Pressure Reactors, Special Application Liquid Blenders. These coupled with auxiliary and ancillary equipments make the manufacturing facilities fully versatile ensuring the fastest delivery times for its products.

We also boast of our state of the Art R&D facility ensuring regular upgrading of our product range making them fully Domestically and  internationally acceptable. Our capability to manufacture each of our chemicals custom made to the requirement of our customers. Our stringent quality control department ensures that the products manufactured are to international standards, which is proven by the company’s success in competing in Global Markets.

Global Drilling Fluids & Chemicals Ltd. is committed to supplying to the Oil and Gas industry at competitive prices and to the highest quality standards. GDFCL’s product line is backed by highly experienced technical service engineers and research and development scientists. Chemists are continuously striving to develop new products, and to improve the existing ones and to find solutions to Problems in Drilling in various Areas.


To be the single source and total solution Provider for the Oil drilling and Exploration and Mining Industry. Ensuring the development, manufacture and supply of the highest Quality and most environmentally friendly chemicals. To be the bench mark for Quality, Reliability and ensure timely deliveries world wide"

The Company's  product and Services Include:

  • Drilling Fluids and Specialty Chemicals for Oilfield and Mining applications
  • Mud Chemicals and workover/completion fluid
  • Chemicals for well stimulation. Production chemicals and general utility chemicals.
  • Testing Services for Drilling and Other Chemicals, Oils and Fuels
  • Onsite Testing Facilities and Environmental testing
  • Manufacture Supply and Commissioning of Complete Mud Services Laboratories
  • Rental and Sales of Filtration Units and Portable Mud Laboratories
  • Mud Filtration and Waste Management Services