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Polyanionic Cellulose  : Drilling Mud Viscosifier | Fluid Loss Control Additive

GDFCL manufactures the complete range of PAC : Polyanionic Cellulose Polymers  based Viscosifiers and filtration control products in India used in the oilfield industry.
PAC manufactured by GDFCL is a high quality Polyanionic Cellulose Polymer which acts is a water based filtration control agent which also provides viscosity and controls fluid loss.

Global Drilling fluids and chemicals Limited manufactures a complete range of specialised high performance Polyanionic Cellulose  GLO PAC  for Oilfield  drilling and HDD applications. 

Advantages of GLO PAC : High perfomance PolyAnionic Cellulose 

  • High yield viscosifier.
  • Controls fluid loss and increases viscosity 
  • Resistant to ions and is effective over a wide ph range
  • Provides excellent thermal stability.
  • Improves quality of filter cake.
  • Unsusceptible to bacterial degradation.

Polyanionic cellulose (PAC) or GLO PAC manufactured by GDFCL  is one the most widely used Viscosifier and Fluid Contol Additive for the Oil and Gas Industry and is sold in over 30 countries in all 5 continents is manufactured at our State of the art ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility in Gujrat, where we are equipped with a full R &D lab, personnel and research team that continuously strive to improve our full range of PAC products our Products are  also manfactured as per API 13 A Speficitions and Customized High performance PACs for a Wide varitey of Oilfield , HDD , Mining and Geothermal Applications 

Our range of Products Includes:

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GLO PAC HV 1000 High Viscocity PAC as per API 13A 
GLO PAC HV 2000 High viscocity PAC for OIlfield applications 
GLO PAC LV 1000  Low Viscosity PAC as per API 13 A
GLO PAC LV 3000 Low Viscocity PAC for Oilfield Application 
GLO PAC ULV Polyanionic Cellulose Ultra Low Viscosity
GLO PAC R Polyanionic Cellulose Regular
GLO PAC 5000 Low Cost Multipurpose Polyanionic Cellulose for HDD and Oil-field applications 

Polyanionic cellulose products manufactured by GDFCL are Environmentally friendly and Non Toxic cellulosed based products  manufcatured using the Best Practices in the the Industry and  can be customized and manufactured according to various customer needs such as varying temperature, oil well requirements and specifications.

PAC manufactured by Global Drilling Fluids and Chemical Limited is supplied in  Sacks of 25 Kg /50 Lbs , Miltilayer Paper Sacks or HDPE Sacks .Private Labelling and customization  catering to all customer needs and requirements.

For more Information about our Range of Polyanionic Cellulose and Product Data Sheets and MSDS please email us at Sales@globaldrilling.in