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Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Manufactures a range of Modified Gilsonite at  its ISO certified manufacturing Facility in Gujarat, India . Our Chemically modified Gilsonite range of Products are specialty Modified Gilsonites for Usage in both water Based mud Systems and Oil Based Mud Systems and cementing 

Our range of Modified Gilsonite offier Much enhanced Fluid Loss Control at high temperature , Shale Stabilization and torque and Drag reduction as compared to untreated Natural gilsonite. We manufacture Gilsonite in Both Powder and Emulsified Liquid Gilsonite. 

Our Specially Modified treated Gilsonite  for Oil Base Mud Systems and Synthetic Oil base Mud Systems are Specifically trated with Amines to Improve Emulsion Stability and Provide Fluid Loss Control at elevated temperatures. 

Our Gilsonites for Water Based Mud systems are treated to increase Water Solubility and Dispersability in water Base Mud Systems 

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GLO GILSOTROL S HT Specially formulated Gilsonite High Temperature
GLO GILSOTROL LQ 1000 Liquid Gilsonite

Please write to us for our range of Treated Gilsonite Products  PDS and MSDS.

Further Information on  GILSONITE  and Information on Performance and Case Studies Please contact us sales@globaldrilling.in