Our Product Range

Oil Base Mud Additives


Product By Applications

Drilling mud system packages


Shale Stabilizer

Clay Inhibitors and Borehole Stabilizer

Sulfonated Asphalt, Potassium Sulfonated Asphalt, Gilsonite, Polyamine, Polyglycol, Polymers , Silicates

Drilling Thinner

Viscosity reducers and Drilling Mud Thinners

Lignites,Lignosulfonates, Polyacrylates and Tannin for Water based and Oil Base Mud Systems

Dispersant /Deflocculant

Drilling Mud Dispersants and Deflocculants

Polymeric thinners, Modified Lignites, Organic Thinners and Dispersants


Additives to Increase viscosity and Rheology

Resinated Polymers, Bio-polymers, PAC, CMC, HEC and Starch

Fluid Loss Control Additives

Additives to Control the Fluid Loss

Resinated Polymers, PAC, CMC, Modified Lignites, FLC polymers for Water base Muds, Oil Base Mud Systems and Cementing

Drilling Polymer

Rheology Control Polymers and Additives

Polyacrylamides, Polyacrylates and Bio-polymers


Biocides and Oxygen and H2S Scavangers

Our range of Drilling biocides and Scavangers for drilling chemicals

Drilling Fluid Lubricants

High Performance Extreme pressure Lubes

Water Soluble/Oil Soluble Extreme Pressure Drilling Mud Lubricants for WBM and OBM

Rop Enhancer

Friction Reducer and ROP Enhancer

ROP Enhancer is a Blend of Specialized Surface Active agents used to keep the bits free of Solids

Pipe Freeing Agent|Spotting Fluid

Stuck Breaker and Differential Sticking Reducers

Range of Weighted and Non Weighted Spotting Fluids and Pipe Free Additives both in Liquid and Powdered Form

Defoamers & Foaming Agent

Deformers and Anti-foam for Drilling and Completion

Alcohol Based Defoamers, Glycol based Defoamers and Silicone Defoamers and Anti Foam Additives

Clean Up Chemicals

Rig cleaning and Stuck Mud Cleaners

Range of Oil Base and Water Base Cleanup Chemicals and Detergents

Drilling Mud Surfactants

Anionic , Cationic and Non-Ionic Surfactants

Drilling mud surfactants are aqueos solutions of non-toxic surfactant


Emulsifiers for OBM, SOBM and WBM Systems

Primary Emulsifiers, Secondary Emulsifiers and Single Component Emulsifiers and Wetting agents for High temperature

Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion Control Additives

Wide Range of Corrision Inhibitors and Control Additives

Work Over & Completion Fluids

Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals

Our range of Drilling Fluid Loss Control Additives for drilling chemicals

Cementing Additives

Range of Cement slurry additives for Oil Well and Geothermal

Cement Retarder, Cement Dispersant, Fluid Loss Control, Cement Extender, Accelerator and Spacers

Bentonite and Clay

Range of API 13A Bentonites and Clays

Range of High Yeild High Performance Bentonites and Clay Materials

Weighting Materials

Additives to Adjust Fluid Density

Range of Materials to Increase Mud Density such as Barites, Bentonites, Hematite

Lost Circulation Material

Diverse range of LCM for Oil Base and Water Base Mud Systems

Grannular, Flaky and Fiberous LCM Materials, Acid Soluble Loss Circulation Materials

Oil Base Mud Drilling Fluid Additives

Range of OBM and SOBM System Additives

Primary Emulsifier, Secondary Emulsifier, Fluid Loss Controller,Viscosifier, Rheology Modifier

pH Control Agents

PH Coontrol and Buffer Additives

PH Modifiers such as MgO, Citric acid, Caustic Soda

Commercial Chemicals

Comodity and Utility Chemicals

GDFCL also Provides range of Utility Chemicals for Oil Drilling:Calcium Chloride, Salts, Soda Ash, Citric Acid