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Anionic Surfactant is an aqueous solution of non-toxic surfactant used in sodium based surfactant muds. It provides easier control of rheology and filtration properties. It is a powerful detergent and surface active material of anionic-cationic type equally effective regardless of make up water, whether it is fresh, hard or saturated salt water.


Anionic Surfactant is an excellent emulsifier and may be used at any point in the drilling operation to improve emulsification and reduce torque and drag.


  • It provides wetting action and reduces surface tension.
  • An excellent oil emulsifying agent in fresh water as well as salt water mud or any other water based system.

Physical Properties:

Physical State

The material shall be a homogeneous soapy liquid,

free from foreign & suspended matter.

Specific Gravity 1.01-1.03
PH (1% v/v in d/w) 7.5 to 10.5
Miscibility in water Highly soluble in water.


Anionic Surfactant is packed in 55Gallon Drums / 208 Kgs Barrels. Private Labeling and customized packaging is also available on request.

Safety and Handling

Anionic Surfactant must be handled as an Industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as mentioned in the MSDS.

For more Information about our Range of Drilling Anionic Surfactant and Product Data Sheets (PDS), MSDS and Case History please email us at sales@globaldrilling.in