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GDFCL manufactures a wide variety of OIL WELL Cement Fluid loss control Chemicals also known as plugging additives are used to maintain a consistent fluid volume within cement slurry to ensure that the slurry performance properties remain within an acceptable range. Cement Fluid loss additives help retain the important characteristics of the cement slurries, including viscosity, thickening time, density and compressive strength development.It provides excellent filtration control and does not allow cement setting due to its low viscosity.

Cement Filtration Control Additives manufactured GDFCL are used to accomplish reduction in fluid rate in the slurry, hence to achieve the API fluid-loss rate less than 50 mL/30 min these additives play an important role. Cement fluid loss controlchemicals are used for designing cement slurries along with dispersants and retarders to achieve low fluid loss ranges and are compatible with other cement additives and all API oil well cement.
Our research department at Global Drilling fluids and chemicals Limited  has been working continuously to develop high performance Cement dispersants that reduce costs and improve performance  having various advantages –

  • Increase thickening time of cement slurry 
  • Provides excellent filtration control 
  • Does not allow cement setting
  • Promotes gas migration 
  • Reduces hydration and uses lower volume of cement 
  • Compatible with all oil well cements and cement additives

GDFCL manufactures a complete range high performance Cement Slurry fluid loss control chemicals which can be customized and manufactured according to various customer needs such as varying temperature, Oil-well requirements and specifications.Cement Dispersants manufactured by GDFCL are environmentally friendly and Non Toxic. 
Cement Slurry Filtration Control Additives manufactured by Global Drilling Fluids and Chemical Limited is supplied in internationally approved bags with Private Labelling and customization catering to all customer needs and requirements.

Range of Cement Fluid loss Control Additives manufactured by GDFCL 

GLO CAFLC 1000 Polyacrylamide Based Cement Fluid Loss control Additive
GLO CA FLC LQ 1000 Polyacrylamide Based CementFluid Loss Control Additive
GLO HEC Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose
GLO PVP Polyvinyl Pyrolodine

For Further Information on Cement Filtration Control Chemicals Performance, Case Studies, PDS, MSDS Please contact us at sales@globaldrilling.in