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Cement Loss Circulation

Cement Loss Circulation Additives manufacturedby GDFCL are added to cement slurry to maximise the chance of the stopping the losses, Cementing LCM additives are used to react, form a bridge and block fractures and prevent loss of cement slurry into Less porous formations.

GDFCL manufactures the full range of cement Loss Circulation Additives (LCM), loss prevention materials, bridging agents and seepage control additives like Organic and Synthetic Fibers, Fibrous, Flaky and Granular materials, and polymer basedLCMthat are used by Oil Well cementing companies across the globe.
Our specialised loss circulation additives are used in fresh water, salt water or sea water slurries and are compatible with all API oil well cements and other Cement additives.
Our research department at Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited  has been working continuously to develop High performance Cement Loss Circulation Chemicals that reduce costs and improve performance  having various advantages –

  • Provides lubricate in borehole and prevents differential sticking
  • Effectively used to stop loss of fluids in unconsolidated formation
  • Provides excellent bridging properties
  • Non fermenting and chemically inert 
  • Non toxic, biodegradable and environmentally safe
  • Compatible with all oil well cements and cement additives

GDFCL manufactures acomplete range ofhigh performance Cement Loss Circulation Slurry additives (LCM) which can be customized and manufactured according to various customer needs such as varying temperature, Oil-well requirements and specifications.Cement Dispersants manufactured by GDFCL are environmentally friendly and Non Toxic. 
Cement Slurry Loss Circulation Chemicalsmanufactured by Global Drilling Fluids and Chemical Limited is supplied in internationally approved bags with Private Labelling and customization catering to all customer needs and requirements.

Range of CEMENT LOSS CIRCULATION manufactured by GDFCL 

GLO BEN 9000 C Specialised High temperature Cementing Bentonite
GLO BEN 9000 Specialised High temperature Cementing Bentonite
GLO  CELLOPHANE Cellophane Flakes
GLO INSTASEAL Blend of flaky, granular and fibrous LCM
GLO NUT PLUG Hard fibrous walnut shell 
GLO CHIPS F Formica chips
GLO FIBROUS M Specialised Nylon Based Fibrous LCM
GLO FIBROUS M Specialised Glass Fiber

For Further Information on Cement Loss Circulation Chemicals Performance, Case Studies, PDS, MSDS Please contact us at sales@globaldrilling.in