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GDFCL is a pioneer in Drilling Fluid Testing and Services and is a leading testing facility for physical, analytical and performance testing of Drilling Fluids and Chemicals used in the Oil and gas exploration, Drilling and Upstream and downstream testing. GDFCL functions as a reputed Independent Drilling Fluid Testing lab for The Oil and Gas Sector being one of the most modern and Accurate testing Facilities for water based drilling fluids and OBM Chemicals

Drilling Fluids Testing is done to evaluate the Performance of the Drilling Fluid in various Mud Systems , to evaluate their Properties and acheive the desired Rheology Parameters and to Determine the Performance Limitiations . Labratory Testing is required where feild testing is not available or soome times feild conditions are replicated in the Labratory to evaluate the performance . GDFCL has the capability to test independently each of the Drilling Fluids or In combinations as a Mud System . we have capability to tst both water base Drilling Fluid additives and Oil Base Mud Additives and other Drilling chemicals

Our Customers range from private drilling companies, Drilling Service Providers and Mud Service companies Working with a qualified team of dedicated personnel ensuring total commitment to customer satisfaction and continual improvement. We work Round the Clock to ensure that you not only do you  get accurate test results but also in the quickest possible time. 

We provide a full range of Testing for -

  1.  Water Well Drilling Fluids 
  2.  Oil Base Mud Additives  
  3.  API testing for Bentonite, Barite and Cellulose based products (API 13A ,OCMA)
  4.  HDD And Mining chemicals 
  5.  Tunneling and Piling chemicals 
  6.  Geothermal chemicals 
  7.  Commercial Chemicals 
  8.  Workover and Completion fluids 

Our Functions Include

  • Material Testing and Analysis
  • Performance testing of Drilling Fluids and Additives 
  • Product research and Failure analysis or performance Limitations 
  • Inspection and Quality Assurance Services
  • Positive material Identification
  • Product evaluation sourcing and Consulting Recognition
  • ISO 9001:2000
  • ISO /ISE 17025
  • NABL
  • DSIR
  • RDSO
  • ONGC