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Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited is leading manufacturer of Acidizing Chemicals ( Acid Additives). We manufacture the complete range of Acidizing Chemicals.

Our range of Acidizing Chemicals:

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1. Alkalinity Control GDFCL GRADE
  Moderate-pH buffer -magnesium oxide GLO MGO
  Potassium hydroxide  
  Low-pH buffer - Sodium Bi-Carbonate  
  Primary Viscosifer  
  Secondary Viscosifier  
  Citric Acid  GLO CITRIC ACID
2. Corrosion Inhibitors  
  Phosphate Based Corrosion Inhibitor Low Concentration  
  Phosphate Based Corrosion Inhibitor  
  Brine Soluble Filming Amine corrosion inhibitor        
  Gluteraldehyde based corrosion inhibitor   
  Paraffin based corrosion inhbitor  
  Gas line based crrosion inhibitor  
  Oil line based corrosion inhibitor  
  Calcium carbonate based  corrosion inhibitor  
  Asphalitine based corrosion inhibitor  
3. Acids  
  Hydrochloric Acid  
  Hydroflouric Acid  
4. Gelling Agent  
  Polyacramide Based Polymer    
5. Iron Control Agent  
  Tetrasodium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (Na4EDTA)  
  Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (H4EDTA)   
  Ethylenediamine triacetic acid (HEDTA)  
  Hydrogen sulfide scavengers   
  Surface Active Agents  
6. Surface Active Agents  
  Anionic Surfactant  
  Cationic Surfactant  
  Wetting Agent  
  Mud Dispersants    
  Emulsion breakers  
  Suspending Agent   
7. Defoamers  
  Alcohol-based Defoamer GLO DEFOAM 1000
  Stearate based Defoamer GLO DEFOAM 3000
  Silicon based Defoamer GLO DEFOAM 4000
  Specialized Brine-Based Defoamer  
  Antifoam Powder   
8. Emulsifiers and Wetting Agents  
  Primary Emulsifier GLO PEMUL 1000
  Secondary Emulsifier GLO SEMUL 1000
  Invert-Emulsion Wetting Agent  
  Oil-based mud Surfactant  
9. Pipe-Freeing Agents  
  Spotting Fluid W GLO SPOT W 1000
  Spotting Fluid NW GLO SPOT NW 1000
  Oil-based Spotting Fluid  
10. Surfactants  
  Cationic Surfactant  
  Anionic Surfactant  
  Drilling Detergent GLO DD 1000
  Rig cleaning agent (Rig wash) GLO RIG WASH
11. Shale Inhibitors  
  Amine based shale inhibitor-polyamine  
  Sulfonated-Asphalt GLO ASPHOTEX 3000
  Copolymeric filtration-control Sealing Additive  
  Polymeric shale inhibitor GLO INHIBITOR 1000
  Amine-based shale inhibitor  
12. Shale Stabilizers   
  Polymer low temperature stabilizer  
  Polymer high temperature stabilizer  
  Amine-based shale inhibitor  
13. Thinners and Dispersants  
  Chrome Lignosulfonate  
14. Weighting Agents  
  Micronized weighting additive LCM  
  Hematite GLO FERROXIDE 1000
  Barite GLO BAR 4200
15. Viscosifiers  
  High-molecular-weight, nondispersible, Clarified xanthan gum  
  Organophilic Clay  
  Rheology Oil-Based Mud Viscosifier  
16. Wellbore Strengthening Materials  
  Wellbore stabilizing Agent  
  Asphaltite Shale Inhibitor  
  High-resiliency graphite powder  
  Sized Graphite bridging Agent  

For more Information about our Range of Acidizing Chemicals and Product Data Sheets please email us at Sales@globaldrilling.in