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DRILLING THINNER manufactured by GDFCL at their state of the art manufacturing facility in halol , Gujrat India . GDFCL  is a pioneer  in manufacturing Drilling  Thinners and Dispersants for Oilfield applications. Our Drilling Thinners are designed to Perform in Fresh water Mud Systems, Salt Water Mud Systems and in the presence of Contaminants and also in High Temperature applications

GDFCL is one of the Leading Producers in the world for Lignite Based Thinners and Lignosulfonates for Oilfield applications. In addition we also Manufacture Tannin Based, Polyacrylate based and Polymer Based Oilfield Mud Thinners and Dispersants.

Drilling thinner is a Drilling Fluid Additive manufactured by GDFCL to alter the viscosity of the Drilling Fluid to make it less viscous. The main function of a Drilling Thinner is to Control the rheological Properties of the Drilling Fluids even when the Solid Content is Increase so that it can still be circulated and pumped in the system 

The Highly Effective Drilling Mud Thinners manufactured by GDFCL  help in avoiding the need for Dilution of the Drilling Fluids to maintain the drilling fluid dispersed Rheology and Protect against Flocculation or Gelling of the Drilling Mud due to increased Solids or Contamination or due to High temperature or Pressure 

GDFCL manufactures a wide variety of Drilling Mud Thinners for Usage in both Water based Mud Systems, Oil based Mud Systems, we manufacture Solid Powdered Drilling Thinners and also Liquid Mud Thinners. Our Products are Must Environmentally friendly and Non Toxic and Function in the presence of Contaminants and at high temperature applications. Can function in wide range of PH and in the Presence of Calcium and magnesium 

The range of our High performance Drilling Mud Thinners Includes Modified Lignite ,  Lignosulfonates   Modified Quebarchcho and Polyphosphates and Polymers . GDFCL Mud thinners and Other Drilling Fluid Additives are manufactured in Our manufacturing facility in Gujarat , India.

The Range of Our Drilling Thinners for water Based Mud and Oil Based Muds 

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  Specialized Drilling Mud Thinners and Dispersants 
  GLO TANNA-THIN 1000 Tannin Based Mud Thinner 
  GLO DRILL-THIN LQ 1000 Liquid Polymeric Drilling Thinner 
  GLO DRILL-THIN 3000 Powdered Drilling Mud Thinner Polymer
  GLO CF THIN 1000 Chrome Free High PH, High Temperature Thinner (Lignosulfonate Replacement)
  GLO CF THIN 3000

Chrome Free , High PH High temperature thinner 

(CFLS replacement) 

  Modified Lignite Drilling Thinners and Dispersants
  GLO TANNALIG 1000 Drilling Lignite Thinner
  GLO CZL 1000 Causticized Lignite
  GLO CLZ 3000 High Solubility Causticized Lignite
  GLO CLZ 5000 High Thinning efficiency Causticized Lignite 
  GLO K - LIG 1000 Potassium Lignite
  GLO K-CLZ 1000 Causticized Potassium Lignite
  GLO CR-LIG 1000 Chrome Lignite
  GLO DRILL THIN 1000 Polymeric Mud Thinner
  GLO TANNATHIN 1000 Tannin based mud Thinner
  Modified Lignosulfonate Thinners and Dispersants 
  GLO CFLS 1000 Chrome free Lignosulfonate
  GLO FCLS 1000 Ferro Chrome Lignosulfonate
  GLO CLS 1000 Chrome Lignosulfonate
  GLO KLS 9000 Potassium Lignosulfonate
  GLO IRLS 1000 Iron Lignosulfonate

Please write to us for DRILLING THINNER PDS and MSDS

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GDFCL Stands Guarantee of Performance of all Products manufactured at our Manufacturing Facilities.

For more Information about our Range of Thinner and Dispersants and Product Data Sheets please email us at Sales@globaldrilling.in