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Horizontal Directional Drilling Fluids

Horizontal Directional Drilling Fluids GDFCL designs and manufactures a complete range of HDD Drilling Fluids and Serves at a Single Source of drilling fluids and Chemicals for your Horizontal Directional Drilling Operations.

Our range of Products Include 

Bentonite: due to its high swelling with water, Providing viscosity and Fluids Loss Bentonite is the Preferred Mud Used for Directional Drilling and forms the Base Mud to which additives are added to achieve the desired Rheological Properties 
GDFCL supplies a Range of Bentonites as Per API 13 A specifications but has also Developed Single sack Bentonite Systems for easy Usage and cost and time saving

Our Range of GLO BEN HDD Products are single sack bentonite systems for high Viscosity, Fluid Loss Control.

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GLO BEN 1000 API 13A Bentonite
GLO BEN 2000  
GLO BEN 3000  
GLO BEN 3000 Single Sack High Viscosity Bentonite 
GLO BEN HDD 3000 Single Sack Extra High Viscosity Bentonite

Drilling Polymers 

GDFCL manufacture as Range of Horizontal Drilling Polymers for cutting encapsulation, Shale Stabilization,viscosity, Fluid Loss.we manufacture and Supply Drilling Polymers that can be added to the Bentonite Mud Systems to achieve the desired Rheological Properties for HDD Drilling  and also Manufacture Specialized Single Sack High Performance  Polymers that do not require adding other additives and can be used as a single sack to provide High Viscosity, Fluid loss and Cutting encapsulation and hole Cleaning. 

GLO POLYKWIK 1000 Encapsulating Polymer 
GLO POLYKWIK LQ 1000 Encapsulating Polymer Liquid
GLO POLYMER 1000 Single Sack viscosities and Encapsulating Polymer
GLO POLYMER 2000 High Performance Single Sack Encapsulating Polymer and viscosifier

Lubricants and Detergents 

GDFCL manufactures a range of High performance Non Toxic   Horizontal Directional Drilling Lubricants and Surfactants and wetting agents to reduce the Coefficient of Friction, reduce the sticking of clays to the Bit, Wetting agents and ROP Enhancers.

GLO MUD-LUBE HDD 1000                               
GLO DD 1000  
GLO DD 3000  
GLO WASH 1000  

Loss Circulation Materials Specialized Mon Toxic Biodegradable Loss Circulation materials for HDD

GLO FIBERLOCK                               

Shale Stabilizer 

GDFCL manufactures a Range of specialized Shale Stabilizers such as polyglycol polyamine and Sulfonates for Clay Inhibitions and Shale Stabilization. These are compatible with all otherDrilling additives also in high salt water and Contaminated Mud Systems 

GLO POLYGLYCOL 1000                           

Thinner and Dispersants Manufacturing of High performance Polymeric Drilling Mud Dispersants Deflocculates and Thinners 

GLO DRILL-THIN 2000                            

Viscosifiers and Fluid Loss Control 
Range of High performance Viscosifiers in both Liquid and Powdered form for viscosity and fluid loss Control 

GLO POLYMER 1000  Viscosifier and Fluild Loss Control Polymer                       
GLO POLYMER 2000 Viscosifier and Fluid Loss Control Polymer for High Temperature 
GLO VISTROL 1000 High Performance Viscosity and Fluid Loss Control Polymer for HDD 
GLO VISTROL 3000 High Performance Viscosifier and FLC Polymer for HDD 
GLO PAC LV 1000 Low Viscosity PAC ( Polyanionic Cellulose )
GLO PAC HV 1000 High Viscosity PAC (Polyanionic Cellulose)
GLO STARCH 1000 Drilling Starch 
GLO STARCH 2000 High Temperature Drilling Starch 
GLO XCD 1000 Xanthum Gum Polymer for HDD 

For more Information about our Range of HDD Drilling Fluids and Product Data Sheets please email us at Sales@globaldrilling.in