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Oil Drilling Cement Additives are Chemical Additives that are  added to the Drilling Cement Slurry to optimize the properties of the Drilling Cement and achieve the desired Properties for cementing. During the cementing operations the Temperature ranges from Below Freezing to 350°C (660 °F) also the Pressure ranges from Ambient to almost 30,000 PSI , cement additives must perform in such conditions.
Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals has a Cementing Division Designing and manufacturing customized cementing Additives for a Range of Cementing applications Our Comprehensive Drilling Cement Additives Package is cost effective and High Performance and reliable way to place the Cement Slurry between the casing and the Wellbore formation.

GDFCL is a Complete Source and a One stop Shop for all your Cementing Additive needs. GDFCL manufactures full range Cementing slurry additives which can be customized and manufactured according to various customer needs such as varying temperature, well requirements and specifications.

We Manufacture a Wide Variety of specialized Cementing additives for Oilfield Applications. Our Product Portfolio Includes: 

Our Product Range of Cementing Additives for Oil Drilling Applicaitons: 

  • Cement Retarders: Cementing additives to Increase the Setting Time Cement Additives Manufactured by GDFCL are classified into various different product categories and can be customized as per customer requirements with varying temperatures and wells.
  • Cement Extenders: Cement additives to reduce the Density of the cement system and increase the cement slutty yield
  • Cement Dispersants: Cement additives added to the cement slurry to lower the viscosity and improve fluid flow properties.
  • Cement Fluid Loss control additives ( FLC ): cement additives that control the Fluid Loss of the Aqueous Phase into the formation 
  • Loss Circulations Materials: Additives to Prevent the loss of the cement slutty into the loss porous Formations 
  • Anti-Foam and Defoamer:  cementing additives to reduce the air entrapment and foaming of the cement slurry During Mixing 
  • Spacers and Flushing agents: Cement additives added when changing from Drilling Fluids to Cements 
  • Strengthening agents: cement additives fibers added to the Slutty to increase the cement strength and resistance to stress 
  • Cementing Accelerators: Additives to reduce the setting time and Increase the rate of Compressive strength 
  • Weighting agents: Weighing agents for Cement Slurry.

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GLO RETARDER LT 1000 Lignin based cement retarder 
GLO REDARDER HT 1000 Lignin based High temperature cement retarder 
GLO RETARDER 2000 Cellulose based cement retarder 
GLO RETARDER 3000 Organophosphate based cement retarder 
GLO RETARDER 4000 Organic acid based cement retarder
GLO SSIL  1000 Silicate based cement accelerator 
GLO SSIL LQ 1000 Silicate based cement accelerator Liquid 
GLO ACCELERATOR 3000 Sulphate based cement accelerator (aluminium sulphate)
GLO ACCELERATOR 4000 Sodium based cement accelerator (sodium hydroxide)
GLO ACCELERATOR 5000 Potassium based cement accelerator (potassium hydroxide)
GLO ACCELERATOR 6000 Gypsum based cement accelerator (gypsum)
GLO ACCELERATOR 7000 Calcium based cement accelerator (calcium chloride)
GLO EXTENDER 1000 Silicate based extender used in cement slurry (sodium silicate powder)
GLO EXTENDER 2000 Silicate based extender used in cement slurry (sodium silicate liquid)
Cement Extender Pozzolans 
GLO EXTENDER 5000 Diatomaceous Earth
GLO CENOSPHERE Ceramic ash filled spheres
GLO MICROSPHERE Gas filled beads used in the cement slurry (glass bubbles)
GLO EXTENDER 6000 Lignite based extender used in cement slurry
GLO EXTENDER 7000 Gilsonite used in cement slurry

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For more Information about our Range of Loss Circulation Material and Product Data Sheets please email us at sales@globaldrilling.in