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Year 2021 for Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited

Calendar year 2021 has been a very challenging year for everyone and was no exception to us at GDFCL. The pandemic ravaged India in the 2nd wave that was from March 2021-June 2021 where India was touching 300,000 new cases of COVID daily! Leading to huge shortages of doctors, hospital beds, oxygen and even medication! All office and factories were shut down due to government restrictions. 

This was also  a time where we saw each and every employee of GDFCL  most selflessly coming forward to provide support and relief  in their  communities and helping where help was needed the most . 

Operations slowly started toward the end of June amid huge raw material shortages and spiking prices due to the pent up demand and the skyrocketing freight and shipping rates was a very challenging time for us.
Very special thanks to all our customers who stood by us in spite of the supply disruptions and delays in shipments. The staff of GDFCL worked hard and long to ensure all our customers got serviced and there were minimal disruptions. Things were slowly getting normalized in August-December our plant utilization was 100% and our maintenance staff ensured zero breakdown times through the period with our preventive maintenance shutdown schedules reduced to accommodate customers. 

During the year expansion was limited and GDFCL adding another line for the manufacture of sulfonated asphalt and also a new line for the manufacture of Loss circulation materials. 

Our Research team has also added a range of new height performance oil base mud drilling fluid additives and a Range of products for horizontal directional drilling.

GDFCL in the year 2021 has supplied our manufactured drilling fluids and mud chemicals to over 35 countries in 6 continents! Besides the supply of Drilling fluids and additives GDFCL was also awarded various complete mud supply contracts in 11 countries and multiyear supply contracts in the Middle East. 

As the year comes to an end we hope and wish all our customers, associates, suppliers a happy and a prosperous New Year and hope it is a Healthy year for all and their families. 

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