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Pour Point Depressant

GLO PPD 5000


It is a mix of Pour Point Depressant and paraffin dispersant for residues and Crude Oil. It is a copolymer and diester base product in Hydrocarbon solvent. It modifies the wax crystallization of crude oils and prevents & retards growth of interlinking crystals. It can be used when crude oils are pumped, stored or handled at temperature below its natural PPT. It should be injected at temperature at least 200 C higher than the natural PPT of the crude to obtain optimal efficiency.

Common Name: Pour Point Depressant


It should be applied to oil above its cloud point continuously into the crude at a rate of 100~ 1000 ppm to achieve the required pour point specifications. Dosage upto 2000 ppm or more may be required to lower the pour point of the crude to the desirable level. Product Feature: It is a combination of Pour Point Depressant and paraffin dispersant for crude Oil & residues.

Physical Properties:

Physical Appearance White to pale yellow liquid
Sp. Gravity @ 20Deg. C 0.90-0.95 g/cc
Solubility Soluble in oil


Material is packed in 55 Gal/208 liters. Private Labeling and customized packaging is also available on request


The dosages are very much dependent on the characteristics of the oil and of the production System. It is advisable to contact our Technical Representative for evaluation of the system prior to application of the PPD. The recommended treat rate should be determined by pour point testing on fresh crude oil.

Safety and Handling:

Material must be handled as a Industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as mentioned in the MSDS.