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Australia is one of the leading players in Drilling and Mining industry .Global Drilling fluids and Chemicals Limited has been the leading Supplier of Drilling Fluids, Mining and Mud Chemicals in Australia for most of the Government Owned companies and Private Drilling and mining contractors for over 10 Years.

Our Customers Include

  • International Mud Engineering and Service Companies
  • Mining and Diamond Drilling Companies
  • Local Drilling Chemicals Manufacturing Companies
  • Drilling Fluids Stockiest and Trading companies

GDFCL has Executed Multiple contracts for over the last 5 Years in Australia our Past contracts Include

  • Supply of Drilling Fluids , Mining and Mud Chemicals
  • Stocking and Supply of Drilling Fluid and Mining Chemicals to various warehouses in Australia
  • Testing of all Drilling Fluid, Mining and Mud Chemicals
  • Complete Mud Supply contracts

Since 2010 we have had visits by over 25 companies from Australia to access our Manufacturing facilities, Testing of Products and Training of Engineers on the correct usage and Disposal of Drilling Fluids and Mud chemicals. 

Our Manufacturing Drilling Fluids Supplied to Australia include

  • Shale stabilizers: complete range of hydrocarbon based and non-hydrocarbon based shale stabilizers and glycols.
  • We have also under mud supply contracts supplied the complete range of commercial chemicals Mining and utility chemicals.
  • Defoamers and foaming chemicals for water based mud, oil based mud and cementing applications.
  • Cement additives such a fluid loss controllers cement retarders and Defoamers for low temperature and high temperature cementing
  • Filtration control chemicals such as PAC , CMC, high temperature fluid loss control additives , polymers
  • Loss circulation materials and seepage control additives corrosion inhibitors and biocides for both the upstream and the downstream applications.
  • Drilling mud lubricants: we have manufactured and supplied drilling mud lubricants specifically for usage in Australia in addition to our standard products.
  • Oil based mud additives and synthetic base mud additives, acidizing chemicals like Primary and Secondary emulsifiers
  • Dispersants and deflocculates: lignites , Lignosulphonates , tannin based thinners and polymers
  • Weighing materials like barite, Bentonite and calcium carbonate.