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Global drilling fluids and chemicals Limited is one of the leading suppliers to the Mud Service and Drilling companies in the Middle East, MENA region and the GCC Countries.
Our Multiple Manufacturing Factories are based in Gujarat India and Close to the Port for Immediate Shipments. Typically the manufactured Drilling Fluids, Drilling chemicals and Drilling additives manufactured by us can be shipped immediately from Stock directly to any Destination in the Middle East within Days and the Shipping time is just 3-10 Days.

We are the preferred vendors to most Mud Service companies Operating in the Middle east Region due to our competitive Prices, High performance Drilling fluids Fully backed by our testing Laboratories and Research and Development teams who Help to Design and manufacture Products to meet the exact customer needs and Solve the most demanding requirements

In the last over 20 Years of Our Inception there is all of the Mud Service Companies have been successfully using our Drilling Chemicals and Drilling Fluid Additives 
Our High performance Drilling Fluid additives are shipped to

  • Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Turkey

The Shipment time or drilling fluids and Mud Chemicals manufactured by Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited to these destinations from Mundra Port India is 2-9 Days! Saving our customers long transit times, Storage and trans shipment costs and multiple Material Handling costs and port charges 
GDFCL has done Multiple Drilling Chemicals Supply contracts in the region where the responsibility of Delivering the Drilling Fluids and Mud chemicals and Cementing Additives has been planned to the exact day by our Logistics so there is no Extra cost incurred by our customers

Our sales Teams are always Available to meet personally at offices and rig sites our valued Customers to Understand their Problems and Provide on Site Solutions

Our range of Customers in the Middle East Include 
State Owned Drilling Companies 
International and Local Mud Service companies
Wholesalers and Stockiest and Trading Houses 
Local Manufacturing Companies and Formulators

Our Manufactured Drilling Fluids Supplied to MENA Include

  • Shale stabilizers: complete range of Asphaltic hydrocarbon based and non-hydrocarb based shale stabilizers and glycols and Poly amine and Polymers for  both Water Based and Oil Based Mud Systems.
  • Dispersants and deflocculates:  Humate Lignite, Lignosulfonates, tanin based thinners and polymeric thinners.
  • Deformers and foaming chemicals for water based mud, oil based mud and cementing applications.
  • Drilling mud lubricants: we have manufactured and supplied drilling mud lubricants, Cleanup Chemicals and Torque and Drag Reducers, ROP Enhancers.
  • Filtration control chemicals such as PAC, CMC, and high temperature fluid loss control additives, and polymers.
  • Loss circulation materials and seepage control additives and Bridging agents.
  • Corrosion inhibitors and Biocides for both the upstream and the downstream applications.
  • Cement additives such a fluid loss controllers cement retarders and Deformers for low temperature and high temperature cementing
  • Oil based mud additives and Systems and packages and synthetic base mud additives, like Primary and Secondary emulsifiers, Wetting agents, Fluid Loss Controllers, reheology Modifiers and Shale Stabilizers

Please do write to us at sales@globaldrilling.in for further information on our products and service regions.