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GDFCL has successfully completed a Supply contract for a complete range of Drilling Cement and Cementing Additives in Iraq.

Working Closely with the Customer GDFCL has successfully completed a contract for the Supply of Drilling Cement and Cementing Additives in Iraq .what was specially challenging in the Contract was the absence of clear Specifications and Performance requirements of the Customer.
Our Research and Development team worked continuously testing and retesting and if required Modifying our products to meet and exceed the requirements of our customer. The same was made possible by the hard Work put in by our experienced Chemists in our fully equipped Cementing Additive and Drilling fluids testing laboratories and our diverse manufacturing facilities which has process Equipment’s for smaller lots also.

The Products Supplied in the current Contract 
•    Class G Cement 
•    Cement Retarder for both Low temperature and High Temperature applications 
•    Fluid Loss additives 
•    Dispersants and thinners for Cement
•    Spacers
•    Chemical Wash 
•    Loss Circulation Materials 
•    Antifoam 

Global Drilling fluids and Chemicals Limited is the leading Indian manufacturer of a complete range of Cementing additives for Oil Drilling applications for more information about our range of Cement slurry additives CLICK HERE