Spotting Fluid Non Weighted


Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited at its manufacturing Facility in Gujarat, India manufactures one of the most Popular Spotting Fluids (Pipe Freeing Agents) for the Oilfield Industry chemically Known as Spotting Fluid Now Weighted. 
GLO SPOT NW 1000 manufactured by GDFCL is an Environmentally Friendly highly effective stuck Pipe spotting fluid for oil and Water Based mud’s. It is liquid blends of surfactant and lubricant, emulsifiers and Filter cake cracking agents of varying chemical nature formulated to serve as water in oil emulsifier and oil wetting agents and can be weighed as per requirement
GLO SPOT NW 1000 manufactured by GDFCL is used to free stuck pipe which has downhole problem frequently encountered in drilling operations. 
  • In case of stuck pipe problem, it allows quick and effective operation
  • Can be used with Diesel oil, Mineral Oil, Crude and Oil Base mud’s
  • It is compatible with fresh and salt water Drilling Fluids and can be added in active mud system without adversely effecting other properties
  • Thermally Stable
  • Improves Lubricity
GLO SPOT NW 1000 manufactured by GDFCL is typical Recommended Treatment to Prepare spotting fluid is 1-1.5 Gal/bbl of Spotting fluid required. The material can be diluted by adding Diesel.
GLO SPOT NW 1000 manufactured by GDFCL is packed in 55Gal/208 Liter MS drums. Private Labeling and customized packaging is also available on request.
Safety and Handling:
GLO SPOT NW 1000 manufactured by GDFCL must be handled as a Industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as mentioned in the MSDS.
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